Who is Jamaal Charles?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Jamaal Charles (born December 27, 1986 in Port Arthur, Texas) is an American football running back who, as of December 2013, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Q: Who is Jamaal Charles?
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When was Jamaal Charles born?

Jamaal Charles was born on 1986-12-27.

How tall is Jamaal Charles?

NFL player Jamaal Charles is 5'-11''.

What position does Jamaal Charles play?

Jamaal Charles plays Running Back for the Kansas City Chiefs.

What college did NFL player Jamaal Charles play for?

NFL player Jamaal Charles played for Texas.

What happened to jamaal Charles?

Jamaal Charles is 31 years old (birthdate December 27, 1986).

How much does NFL player Jamaal Charles weigh?

NFL player Jamaal Charles weighs 199 pounds.

Is jamaal Charles out for season?

According to his injury status, Jamaal Charles is out for the 2011-2012 Season due to a torn left-acl injury.

What NFL team does Jamaal Charles play for?

Charles Tillman plays for the Chicago Bears.

Who is the fastest in the NFL 2009 today?

jamaal Charles

Who will be the better fanasty running back in 2011 Adrain Peterson or Jamaal Charles?

I would choose Adrian Peterson; I don't know anything about Jamaal Charles, but Peterson would be hard to beat.

How much is Jamaal Charles NFL rookie card worth?

nothing Jamaal who? It depends on how well the card's condition is but i would say from $0.00 to $2.00

How long is jamaal Charles staying with Kansas City Chiefs in football?

Jamaal Charles is going to stay with Kansas city chiefs for 4 years cause he is under contract for 4 years and so is Dexter McCluster