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Wayne Rooney is the captain of Honduras.

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Q: Who is Honduras soccer team captain?
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Who is the captain of the French national soccer team?

The current captain of French Soccer team is Samir Nasr

Who is usually the captain of the soccer team?

Any player, playing in any position can be the captain of a soccer team.

Is Honduras' soccer team better than Mexico's soccer team?

Mexico is better. Out of like 16 games Mexico played honduras, honduras has only won two times. PS I'm not Mexican, I'm Japanese. I just hate honduras and hondurans.

Who is the captain of the Peruvian national soccer team?

Forward, Claudio Pizarro, is the captain of the men's Peruvian soccer team.

What is the name of the national soccer team of Honduras?

Seleccion Nacional de Honduras; Los Catrachos

Who has better soccer players Honduras or Mexico?

Honduras is a good team and so is Mexico but Honduras has beat Mexico more times

Who plays 12 for Honduras soccer team?

Romell Quioto

What is the name of the second most famous soccer team?


Who is the nz captain of the soccer team?

The captain is Ryan Nelson.

What is the name of the mascot for the Honduras national soccer team?

El Catrachin

You are the captain of the soccer team and you observed a new student on the playground who seems to be good at soccer and you wanted to convince to himher to join your soccer team?

talk to the kid about joining the team by telling him how much fun you have had had as a team captain. and give examples.

Who is the captian of the Italian soccer team?

Fabbio Cannavaro is the actual captain of the italiam soccer team. But he has just retired after the awful performance of the Italian Team in the World Cup. We´ll find out soon, who is the new captain of the Italian Soccer Team

How many wins did Honduras Soccer team win?

Honduras failed to win a single match at the 2010 world cup.

What to do to become captain of my soccer team?


Who is the captain of the Italian soccer team?


Who is the captain of Brazil's soccer team?


Why is a captain is important to a soccer team?

a captain is important to a soccer team because the captain has to tell the team what to do when they step the field and help the coach a little bit but he has to be good n the teammate likes him so they can listen to him but if they don't like him they not ganna lestin to him

Which soccer team is better el salvador or Honduras?

El Salvador :D Im from there

How is a Captain picked in soccer?

In soccer, like most other team sports, the captain is chosen by the coach, the players, or even the club. The qualities to look for in a good team captain is: leadership, enthusiasm, will to work hard, and encouraging.

When did Landon donovan become captain of the us soccer team?

Landon Donovan isn't captain of the US National Team, Carlos Bocanegra is captain.

Who is the current captain of England soccer?

The captain of England football team is Steven Gerrard.

Who is turkey's soccer team captain?

Arda Turan

Who is the captain of the Australian soccer team?

Lucas Neill

Who is the captain for the soccer team of Spain?

Iker Casillas.

What is Argentina's soccer team captain?

claudio Lopez