Who is Greg Rakestraw?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Vice President, Programming and Content at HomeTown Sports Indiana

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Q: Who is Greg Rakestraw?
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What is the birth name of Larry Rakestraw?

Larry Rakestraw's birth name is Lawrence Clyde Rakestraw.

What is the birth name of Barrett Rakestraw?

Barrett Rakestraw's birth name is Barrett Alan Rakestraw.

When was Wilbur Rakestraw born?

Wilbur Rakestraw was born in 1928.

How tall is Barrett Rakestraw?

Barrett Rakestraw is 5' 11".

How tall is Larry Rakestraw?

Larry Rakestraw is 6' 2".

When was Larry Rakestraw born?

Larry Rakestraw was born on April 22, 1942, in Mableton, Georgia, USA.

When was Barrett Rakestraw born?

Barrett Rakestraw was born on August 25, 1975, in La Mesa, California, USA.

Did jack maitra kiss sally rakestraw?


Did Jack Maitra and Sally Rakestraw kiss?

no absouletly not

Who invented the duplex return steam trap?

Thomas George Rakestraw 1918

Who was the University of Georgia Quarterback in 1962?

Larry Rakestraw was the starter in 1962, also in 1961 and 1963.

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