Who is Glen Jacobs?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Glen Jacobs is the real name of Kane (wwe pro wrestler)

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Kane. The big red monster.

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Q: Who is Glen Jacobs?
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Are there any pictures or footage of glen Jacobs as the undertaker?

Glen Jacobs is Kane.

What is the name of Glen Jacob's wife?

the wife of glen jacobs(kane) is maurisa jacobs

Who is glen Jacobs dad?

mr Jacobs

When was glen Jacobs born?

Glen Jacobs was born | April 26,1967| currently age 43.

Is glen Jacobs in church?

Glen Jacob is Christian .

What is the WWE Kanes real name?

Ralph Donald PolpinGlen JacobsKanes real name is Glen JacobsGlenn Thomas JacobsIt's Glen JacobsGlenn Calaway

Did WWE glen Jacobs die?

Glenn Jacobs is Kane, who is not dead.

When will glen Jacobs quit?


Was masked Kane glen Jacobs?

Yes, Glen Jacobs also was also Dr. Issac Yankem DDS and the fake Diesel.

What is the real name of Kane?

Glen Jacobs

What is glen Jacobs wife?

probably a woman....

Is glen Jacobs divorced?

No. He is Married To A Women by The Name Of Maurisa Jacobs nee Goins