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the finisher is from triple H from wwe raw.

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Q: Who is Finishing Move is the pedigree?
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What name is the finishing move Triple H?

The Pedigree

What was Jake the Snake Roberts finishing move?

His finishing move was the DDT !

What is Wade Barret's finishing move called?

Wade Barrett's finishing move is called the Wasteland

What is manu's finishing move?

lights out

What diva finishing move is the widows peck?

The Widows Peak was Victoria's finishing move. Victoria is now known as "Tara" in TNA.

What is edge finishing move?

Edge's Finishing move is called Edgecation. It is a mix between a facing bulldog and a ddt. Hope this helps!

What is Cody Rhodes finishing move called?

He uses a Rolling Cutter or the Silver spoon DDT as his finishing move. He also uses moonsault, drop kicks etc His finishing move is called Cross Rhodes

How do you do a finishing move on smackdownvsraw2008?

Press triangle

What is randy orton finishing move?


What is scot halls finishing move?

the razors edge

What is Kofi Kingstons Finishing MOVE?

Trouble in paradise

What is the miz's finishing move?

Skull Crushing Finale.