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Q: Who is Eric Lamaze's Mom and Dad?
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What are the main characters for the book Tangerine?

Paul, Eric, the Mom and the Dad.

Who is Emma Roberts mom?

Emma Roberts mom is Kelly Cunningham. And her Dad is Eric Roberts. Her aunt is Julia Roberts.

Who is Emma Roberts's mom?

Emma Roberts mom is Kelly Cunningham. And her Dad is Eric Roberts. Her aunt is Julia Roberts.

What are the names of the characters on That 70's Show?

Eric ForemanKitty Foreman (Eric's Mom)Red Foreman (Eric's Dad)Michael KelsoSteven HydeJackie BurkheartDonna PinciottiFezBob Pinciotti

Who is erick cartmens mom on south park?

Liane Cartman is called Eric's "mom" but really is Eric's Dad (she is a hermaphrodite) and we never learn who his real mom is. (See episode called "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty S**t" - Season 2)

Where was the Jonas Brothers' mom and dad born?

mom- her dad is Chinese and mom is white ; dad- his dad and mom are white

Is mom and dad or are mom and dad?

The proper way would be to said 'are mom and dad'.

Was Justin Bieber's dad drinking?

Yes when Justin Was 10 months Old His real Dad Eric Bieber use to yell and cuss at him 4 singing to his mom his dad Eric Bieber always drinking Justin's Mom & Dad split When Justin was 3 & 3 months old cuz of a accent had happen when Justin Was 3 years old

What is Justins Bieber's mom and dad called?

justin calls his mom mom and his dad dad

What is Barack Obama's mother and father blood type?

Barack is type AB, so there are several possibilities: Mom A, Dad B Mom B, Dad A Mom AB, Dad A Mom AB, Dad B Mom A, Dad AB Mom B, Dad AB Mom AB, Dad AB

Does Selena Gomez have a mom and dad?

Everyone is born with a mom and dad. Yes she does she lives with her mom an visits her dad

Is undertakers mom or dad married to Kanes mom or dad?

Yes kanes dad is married to undertakers mom @_@

Who is Zeus' mom and dad?

Rhea was his mom and Kronos was his dad

Who is Aphrodite's mom and dad?

Her dad was Zeus and her mom is Dionne.

Do you say mom or dad are coming or mom or dad is coming?


Who is Santa's mom and dad?

Santa has not said who his mom and dad are.

What would my dad's mom's mom's sister be to you?

Your dad's mom's mom's sister would be you great aunt.

Would you say I held Mom's and Dad's hands or I held Mom and Dad's hands?

I held mom and dad's hands.

What famous people were born in Liberia?

your mom, your dad, your moms mom, you dads mom, your moms dad your dads dad

How do you say mom and dad in Hebrew?

mom = eema (אמא) dad = abba (אבא) mom and dad = eema ve'abba (אמא ואבא)

Who was sami's real mom on Days of Our Lives?

Sami's real mom is Dr. Marlena Evans, and Sami's dad is Roman Brady. Sami also has a twin brother, Eric.

How old are rihannas mom and dad?

Mom 52 dad 60

Your mom and dad is what made you from sperm?

Yes, your mom and dad made you.

How old is SpongeBob's mom and dad?

His mom is 55 and his dad is about 62

Who is Taio Cruz's mom and dad?

His mom is Brazillian and his dad is Nigerian.