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Q: Who is England rugby player who does a swallow dive?
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Do alligators really swallow stones to dive deeper?

Yes they do

How do you do a dive try in rugby?

You dive into the goal area with the ball extended in front of you. Much like the showboats of the NFL.

What do crocodiles swallow so they can dive deeper?

They swallow stones that aid digestion and help them swim, since they naturally float.

What do crocodiles swallow to dive deeper?

Crocodile's swallow stones so they can dive deeper. They can hold there breath for up to 1 hour depending on how old they are.

What rhymes with pulp and is a quick noisy swallow?


Can a player dive into the end zone?

Yes, it is legal to dive into the end zone.

What is the hypothesis of the spider silk textile fiber in the investigatory?

A laden swallow can only dive at 88 km/h

Do crocodiles eat stones to dive under water?

No. But crocs (like some birds) may swallow a few stones to help with breaking down the food into digestible pieces.. Crocs can't chew their food, they only rip lumps off and swallow.

Which Country does Tom Daley dive for?

England and Great Britain depending on which events he is at.

How penguins get their food?

they dive underwater to catch fish while trying to avoid seals then when they swallow the fish whole they come back to there baby nest and spit it up since its only been in there stomachs a maximum of 10 minutes its digested enough for the babies to just swallow

Can you dive on pes 2010 on the psp?

Run into a player and you will go to the ground and they will get a red card

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