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Her name is Ellie Reed.

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Q: Who is Chad Reeds wife?
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Where is chad reeds wife from?

Australia like he is. They were dating before he started racing worldwide.

What is chad reeds favourite colour?

chad reeds vavorite color is blue. -- Emma Castelli

Chad reeds address?

a place

What is Chad reeds address?

I Have No clue

What is Chad Reeds email?

Lil'chad reed

What is Chad Reeds education level?

very extreme

What is chad reeds brothers name?

he doesnt have a brother.

What were Chad Reeds overall season points?

2008 AMA Supercross Points for Chad Reed 365

How fast does chad reeds dirt bike go?

arond 80-85 mph

What is chad reeds parents names?

His dad name is mark and his mum name is robin

Who are Chad reeds cousins?

Tristan Reed, grade 6, I'm not sure of the rest

Does Chad Ochocinco have a wife?


When was Chad Reeds debut in AMA Supercross?

HEY WAZZ UP MAN!!......or woman............ o.O

Who is chad kroegers wife?

Chad Kroeger is married to Marianne Gurick.

Plants in Chad?

Plants in Chad are acacias, baobab, desert date, palms, African myrrh, Indian jujube, reeds, papyrus, ambatch and water lilies.

What is Chad reeds racing number?

Chad Reed's current 2011-2012 number is 22. He started his own team called "Two Two Motorsports" after his favorite number, 22.

Who is Chad Michael Murray's wife?

it is Peyton swayer

Does Chad greenway have a girlfriend or a wife?

He is married and has a kid.

What is Chad mendes' wife's name?

Danielle Mendes

Where is Chad Everett's wife buried?

Type your answer here.California..

Was Chad Ochocinco in jail?

Chad was arrested and charged for domestic violence for head butted wife Evelyn lozada.

Who is Chad Reed's wife?

Australian motocross star Chad Reed's wife is Ellie. They met when they were both 16 and have been inseparable ever since. In 2014, they had two children.

Do saxaphones have reeds?

Yes they do have reeds

Are there Pictures Chad Kroeger wife?

Yes , there are lots of pictures of them together . Just google Chad Kroeger and Marianne and you'll see lots.

Is Chad Gray's wife pretty?

It depends on your taste. Google image search her.