Who is Chad Knaus' girlfriend?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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2004 - 2008 it was Bruna Olivieria, former beauty queen.

2008-2013 Lisa Rockelmann, not much is known about Lisa other then she was a big gold digger who came from a wealthy family.

As of fall 2013, it appears that Chad and Lisa have split ways. They were shortly engaged, but she wouldn't sign the prenup so the marriage is off.

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Q: Who is Chad Knaus' girlfriend?
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When was Chad Knaus born?

Chad Knaus was born on 1971-08-05.

What is the profession of Chad Knaus?

Chad Knaus is a professional NASCAR crew chief. In the opinion of some, Chad Knaus is sometimes involved in questionable activities related to the professional sport of auto racing.

Is Chad Knaus Dating?

He stated in an article in December 2013 that he's single, with no mention of a girlfriend. He's single.

Who is Lisa Rockelmann?

Lisa is the live-in girlfriend of the Nascar Lowe's team crew chief Chad Knaus. Lisa was born in Colorado. She was living in Chicago Il when she met and went after an engaged Chad, later moving to Wilmette Il prior to her move to NC. She now resides in Cornelius, NC with Chad. Lisa is now in the process of planning to be Mrs Lisa Rockelman-Knaus. Good luck to her

Did Chad Knaus cheat so that Jimmie Johnson could win?

Yes he did.

How old is Chad Knaus?

August 5, 1971 is his birthday. Chad turned 39 years old in the year 2010.

How much money does Nascar crew chief Chad Knaus make?

1.5 million

How much is a hat signed by Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus in 2004 with tags on it worth?

About $50 or more

Are Chad Knaus and Bruna olivira still together?

No they are not. They spilt back in the middle of last year (2008). But they have both have clearly moved on. Bruna is rumored to be dating someone else in Nascar though, some mechanic. Chad was with someone else at the awards show, do not know if she was just his date or his new girlfriend.

When was Ludwig Knaus born?

Ludwig Knaus was born in 1829.

When did Ludwig Knaus die?

Ludwig Knaus died in 1910.

How tall is Ellie Knaus?

Ellie Knaus is 5' 7".