Who is Brooklyn Beckham's uncle?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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He has two. His first uncle's name is Harry Beckham (through his father David) and his second uncle's name is Christian Adams (through his mother Victoria).

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Q: Who is Brooklyn Beckham's uncle?
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What are beckhams childrens names?

Romeo, Brooklyn

Does Brooklyn beckhams have a girlfriend?

dont think so.

Is Brooklyn beckham a boy or girl?

a boy. they were the beckhams first child.

What were the names of David and Victoria Beckhams children?

Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz

How old is david beckhams sons Cruz Romeo and Brooklyn?

brooklyn is13 and romeo is 10 or 11 and cruz is 8

What is brooklyn beckhams favourite colour and food?

Pie and Mash is Brooklyn Beckham's favorite food, while his favorite color is red.

What are beckhams kids called?

Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, and Cruz David and Harper seven.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Real Beckhams - 2003?

The cast of The Real Beckhams - 2003 includes: Victoria Beckham as herself Romeo Beckham as himself David Beckham as himself Brooklyn Beckham as himself

Who are the godparents of David Beckhams kids?

Elton John is godfather to Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham; their godmother is Elizabeth Hurley.

Where do the beckhams children go to school?

Brooklyn Beckham goes to Portland Place School in London. I don't know where the other two go though.

Where do the Beckhams Live?

The Beckhams live in Los Angeles.

What is David Beckhams baby girl name?

David Beckhams daughter is Harper Seven Beckham.