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Q: Who is Bethany Hamilton's number one fan?
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Who is is the number one Jonas fan?

A number one Jonas fan is not known at this time. There are many Jonas fans that claim to be the number one Jonas brothers fan. A girl name La'Tondra is the number one fan for the Jonas Brothers

When did Number One Fan - band - end?

Number One Fan - band - ended in 2005.

When was Number One Fan - band - created?

Number One Fan - band - was created in 2000.

Who is the number one Selena Gomez fan?

Her number one fan is definitely Amanda Madison O'Connor she is truly the biggest fan

Who is Michael Jacksons number one fan?

Elizabeth Taylor is Michael Jackson's number one fan

Who is eminems number 1 fan?

Eminems biggest fan is Basta raff and Shelley woods.

Who is Selena's number one fan?

Selena Gomez's number one fans are her Mom and Demi Lovato, as Selena is Demi's number one fan.

Who is Cheryl coles number one fan?

Cheryl Cole's number one fan ever is Shannon Cartlidge.

Does miley have a number 1 fan?

I am most certain that Miley Cyrus does have a number one fan. The problem is to find out who that is. I am sure that there are many people around the world today that count them selves as being her number one fan. Nothing wrong in being her number one fan, just do not expect to be the only one :-)

Who is one directions number one fan?

All of their fans are equal. Whoever puts their name on this answer isn't being generous because every fan is 1D's number one fan :)

Who is Hannah Montana's number one fan?

Every HM fan!

Who is Ashley Tisdale's number one fan?

This question will never be answered truthfully, as most of her fans believe they are the number one fan.