Who is Barbara Kendall?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Barbara Kendall is a former boardsailor and three-time

Olympic medalist. She is currently an International

Olympic Committee member.

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Q: Who is Barbara Kendall?
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Did Barbara Kendall go to the commonwealth games games?

No,Barbara Kendall has never competed at the Commonwealth Games.

What sport did Barbara Kendall win an Olympic medal?

Barbara Kendall won three Olympic medals in the sport of windsurfing.

Where was Barbara Kendall Born?

i don't Know why u asking me?

Where did Barbara kendall grow up?

Where she was born, New Zealand.

How old is Babara Kendall the new zelander?

Barbara kendell is 41

What sport does Barbara Kendall play in the Olmypics?

Water Boarding or surf boardong

Who has won gold silver and bronze Olympic medals in windsurfing?

Barbara Kendall

Why is Barbara Kendall famous?

she is famous from the olympic game she use to join wind surfing

Who is Barbra Kendall?

Barbara Kendall is a world-famous New Zealand windsurfer. She is now retired but I believe she competed at a few Olympics. Can't remember if she won medals.

Who won New Zealand's only gold medal in 1992?

Barbara Kendall in the Women's Boardsailing.

Who won a gold medal winner for new zealand in the 1992 Olympics?

That was Barbara Kendall in women's windglider sailing.

Who were New Zealand's second female Olympic gold medallists?

Windsurfer Barbara Kendall,TY XDfrom Orangutan57