Who is America's team?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Q: Who is America's team?
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Are the saints Americas team?

The cowboys are nicknamed Americas team

Who was Americas favorite baseball team in the 1920s?

the New York Yankees were the Americas faveorite team

What NFL team is called Americas team?

The Dallas Cowboys

Who is Americas team for nfl?

The Dallas Cowboys

What Sport is called Americas favorite team?

In football, the Dallas Cowboys are called America's team.

Best NFL team of all time?

The Dallas Cowboys that's why there also called "Americas Team"

Who is NFL Americas football team?

It is cowboys and packers who cares about the other teams

Which team is evil in ultimate alliance2?

i say it captain Americas team cuse hey stole stuuf in the ds version

Which NFL team has the largest fan base outside of its home state?

Dallas Cowboys wheredya think they got there nickname Americas team

What is the name of the song used by team illuminate in the semi finals on Americas got talent?

Calvin Harris-Feel so close

What is the name of the song used by Team iLuminate in the finals performance on americas got talent?

Calvin Harris-Feel so close

How many times has NZ won Americas cup?

2017 marks the third time Team New Zealand has won the America's Cup.