Who is Agassi's friend Slim?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Here is an excerpt from's The Kats Report: Of tanking, drugs, and 'Slim: In 'Open' Andre Agassi beats the odds.

At the center of Agassi's explosive crystal meth disclosure is a figure known only as "Slim." I came out of Monday's session at Encore wondering what in the world happened to this man. He did exist, that much is clear. From the stage, Agassi said he'd long lost track of Slim, allowing, "He might be dead, for all I know." A guy who seems to have all the resources he'd need to track down anybody on the planet (even Ivan Lendl) has no idea where his long-lost associate is today. Welcome to the wonderful consequences of meth addiction.

Afterward, I asked Phillip Agassi who Slim was, and he said only that he was an assistant who was friends with Andre. I also asked J.R. Moehringer, the book's author who was in the audience (and who borrowed my Wynn Las Vegas pen to sign a couple of books, as it happens) how it was that the whereabouts of this Slim character remains unresolved. Moehringer said he long tried to find this guy, failing to locate him even after a couple of strong leads, before settling on the unsettled.

Slim was an old friend who Andre hired and is gone was the author's explanation.

Strange, and probably tragic. One of the more astute questions Reilly asked Agassi about Agassi's crystal meth use was if Agassi had entered into rehab to recover from its use. He didn't. Wow.

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Q: Who is Agassi's friend Slim?
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