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Carlos Queiroz.

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Q: Who is 2010 Portugal world cup soccer team coach?
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Where can you watch the 2010 world cup soccer if you're in Portugal?

Go to any pub.

Who is the coach of the German soccer team at the 2010 world cup in south Africa?

Joachim Low

Who is Italy's soccer coach 2010?

Marcelo Lippi.

Did Cristiano ronaldo plays for Portugal national football team?

Yes. Ronaldo does play for Portugal, that is his hometown. He played for that team in the 2010 World Cup Soccer. But before that, he played for Manchester United and then Portugal, and then not he plays for Spain, but his hometown is Portugal so that is who he played for in the 2010 World Cup Soccer

Did Portugal qualified in 2010 World Cup?

Yes Portugal did qualify for the 2010 world cup.

Which team dose ronaldo play for in the 2010 FIFA world cup?

Cristiano? It's Portugal. The Brazilian was kept out of the team by coach Dunga.

Who is the Italian football team coach for 2010 World Cup?

The Italian coach for the 2010 world cup was marceillo Lippi, but he has resigned as coach after their dreadful world cup.

Who the Argentinas coach in FIFA World Cup 2010?

Diego Maradona was the coach of Argentina in the 2010 FIFA World cup.

When is the soccer world cup?


When did the soccer world cup 2010 start?

1930 to 2010

Who is the Brazilian coach for the 2010 cup?

The Brazilian coach for the 2010 world cup is the former captain of Brazil in 1994 Dunga.

Who is France coach in the FIFA World Cup?

Raymond Domenech is the coach of France in the 2010 FIFA World Cup