Who invited the football?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Dabdabaro is invited football in 1867

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Q: Who invited the football?
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Who invited the game of football?

English people.

What is the college professors name that invited football?

what is the name of the person that invinted football

Did the cavemen play football with a rock?

no football was not invited and they had no ediciation to even think of such an idea.

How do you get in to pro football?

You either have to be drafted or invited to training camp by a pro football team. Typically, you have to play at least 3 years of college football.

How can African players invited for football trials outside Africa?

glory kimi sumubu

How did y ou met Selena Gomez?

They were both invited to a football game, and they just started talking&getting to no eachover.

What is the present perfect tense of invite?

The present perfect tense of invited is has invited or have invited.

In the 1950 football world cup in Brazil country was invited to participate but due to a curious reason the country could not accept the invitation?


What is the present perfect tense to the verb invite?

The present perfect of the verb to invite is "has invited" and "have invited".Examples:I have invited my sisters.You have invited my sisters.He (she) has invited my sisters.We have invited my sisters.They have invited my sisters.

Present perfect tense of invited?

Have/has invited.

When do you use invited in a sentence?

we use invited when you have aldready been invited

What is the correct grammar for you and your family is invited or you and your family are invited?

You and your family are invited.