Who invented the tennis raquet?

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Q: Who invented the tennis raquet?
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Which is a bigger raquet badminton or tennis?

A tennis raquet is bigger, and stronger too as it has to hit tennis balls not shuttlecock.

How has technology changed tennis?

it improve the the tennis game and help tennis players over the years because in the 16th century tennis was invented the raquet was bigger than our modern day raquet tecnology reeduced the size of the raquet and made it easier for our modern day tennis players. Also the ball machine that throws the balls that helps the players practice instead of the people throwing the balls for them

What was the first tennis raquet made out of?


What are the sports that you use a raquet for?

Tennis, badmitton.

Why do tennis balls have fuz?

To give them more grip on a tennis raquet

Who made the first graphite tennis raquet?


What were olden day tennis raquet's made of?


Is a badminton raquet bigger than a tennis raquet?

NO a tennis raquet is bigger and a lot heavier. in some cases it is not a lot hevier because babolat raquets are sometimes made out of a material that is ove 50% lighter than a normal raquet. they call these Ultra Light Raquets.

What is the best or most preferred tennis raquet company?


What brand of tennis raquet does John McEnroe use?


Is flipkart giving a tennis bag with the tennis raquet?

Check some at the url--->

What is the best brand of tennis raquet in the world?

Your opinion really matters when it comes to getting a tennis raquet. Also your style of play is a key factor. My personal favorites are Babolat and Wilson

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