Who invented the swim suit?

Updated: 11/5/2022
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Your mother invented the swim suit

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Q: Who invented the swim suit?
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How do you get swim suit ready?

Swim suit ready just means looking good in a swim suit. Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise will help if you are not swim suit ready.

What are the suit they wear in swimming olympic?

A swim suit!

What make is Kayla Collins swim suit?

Avante Swim.

What does a model swim in without a swim suit?

a birthday suit! Swimming without a swim suit would be swimming in the nude. However, a model might be swimming in an outfit or costume if being photographed or videoed as part of the job.

How do you swim at the sparkling ocean in ameba pico?

You have to buy a swim suit. Then wear it. After that you can swim in the ocean!

Where did Ashley Tisdale get that swim suit from hsm 2?

they got a two pice whit swim suit and they put bling on it so just get a white swim suit and put some bling on it yoursellf!

Is an lZR suit a swimming suit?

It is an LZR. It is a brand of performance enhancing swim suit for competitive swimmers.

Who invented the newt suit?

Phil Nuytten invented the Newt Suit in the 1970s.

What rhymes with swim suit?

wim woot

What is the best competition swim suit?


Panfu where do you get the diving suit?

If you want to get a swim suit for competitive swim, i would recommend sports authority or target. they are not too expensive, but will last a while.

Can you wear a felt hat with your swim suit?

It is very stylish to wear a felt hat with a swim suit. It is a popular trend today to wear it with your swimsuit.