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i think Greeks invented the sport cricket

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Q: Who invented the sport cricket?
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What sport was invented in Belgium?

ii beliefe it was none as "cricket"

Where does cricket come from originally?

The sport of Cricket was invented in England. There is evidence it was played in England in the 12th-13th cent.

Which country invented cricket?

England invented cricket

Was cricket invented in Croatia?

No. It's a sport popular in Britain. Most of Croatians doesn't understand it at all.

Most watched sport cricket?

cricket is not the most watched sport football is but cricket surtently is the most loved sport

Is cricket an Olympic sport?

cricket is not an olympic sport (i am not sure )

What is the homophone of CRICKET?

Cricket as in the sport and cricket as in the animal

What sport has 12 players?

This sport is cricket This sport is cricket

What sport do Indians play?

Indians can play whatever sport they want to. A better question would what sport is India good at, and the answer to that question is cricket, cricket and cricket.

Is cricket a national sport of England?

Cricket is the national summer sport of England.

Why is cricket a good sport?

cricket is a good sport because you can hit the ball

Is cricket a Olympic sport?

No cricket is not an Olympics sport (but i wish it could beee......)

Is cricket the favourite sport in India?

Even though it's not the national sport, cricket is by far the most popular sport.

Is the Cricket invented in Australia?

No, the cricket was invented in England.

Which Commonwealth Games was cricket included as a sport?

Cricket was included as a Commonwealth Games sport in 1998.

Which trophy is associated for the sport Cricket?

The Ranji Trophy is associated with the sport of cricket.

Cricket most watched sport?

Cricket is the most watched sport in Australia but in the world its soccer

Why is cricket not a popular sport in cuba?

because cricket is the lamest sport in the u.s,africa,and more country but not in england

Why is Cricket not a popular sports in Cuba?

Cricket is an english sport

Was cricket invented in 1787?

Yes cricket was invented in 1787....

What English game did baseball grow?

Baseball was invented in England around the same time as Cricket. Britain prefered cricket and baseball was never very popular until it reached the USA. No sport has really grown from Baseball.

Who has made the sport cricket in the year 1655?

It was invented by the English batting against a ball bowled to a player wwith a three legged stool as a stumps.

Why cricket is important?

Cricket is a beautiful game. It is a famous sport in the world. It is important because of it is a sport of gentleman's.

What is India is sport?

india'sFav sport is Cricket

Is cricket the national sport of India?

No, Sport in India includes cricket, chess, badminton, field hockey, lawn tennis, football, golf. Though field hockey is the national sport of India, cricket is the most popular sport in the country.