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Many jumps in cheering such as the toe-touch and the pike jump were already being used in gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. The first jump unique to Cheerleading is the herkie jump invented by Lawrence Herkimer in 1949

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Q: Who invented the first cheerleading jump?
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Who invented the first jump in cheerleading?

johnny Campbell invented the first jump in cheerleading

What was the first cheerleading jump?

toe touch

Who invented the cheerleading uniforms?

Tiffany Cyrus invented the first cheerleading uniform look in 1923.

Who is the person who invented cheerlaeding?

Johnny Campbell is the man who invented cheerleading. He invented this sport in 1905. The first college with a cheerleading squad was the University of Minnesota.

Who invented the hurkey?

The proper spelling would be Herkie, after the 'founding father of cheerleading' Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer, the man who created the jump. He had many firsts in the world of cheerleading.

Why was cheerleading invented?

Cheerleading was invented to lead the crowd in encouraging cheers.

Was cheerleading invented in year 1898 or was it invented in the years of 1860?

Cheerleading was invented in 1898 by Johnny Campbell.

What is the year cheerleading was invented?

the year that cheerleading was invented was the year 1898 when johnny Campbell had got together 6 male students and cheered for the first time at univirsity minnesota

Was the person who invented cheerleading a girl or a boy?

The person who invented cheerleading, believe it or not, was a boy. His name was Johnny Campbell. Cheer was invented in 1898

When was all-star cheerleading invented?

All-Star Cheerleading was invented in 1957

What state did cheerleading become a sport?

Cheerleading was invented at the University of Minnesota.

What is a leap in cheerleading?

you dont do leaps in cheerleading only in dance but maybe like a jump or something

Where did he invent cheerleading?

cheerleading was invented to cheer on the team and pump up the cowd.

What year was cheerleading discovered?

It was 1898!!! There is more info on cheerleading such as who invented at

When was cheerleading first invented?

Yale university by a group of men. women weren't aloud to cheer.

What are good similes of cheerleading?

A cheerleader is not measured by her jump.

A picture of the man who invented cheerleading?

Go to and search cheerleading, there is a picture of him on that page.

When was the sport of cheerleading invented?


What country was cheerleading invented?


How did they start using pompons in cheerleading?

Female cheerleaders did not appear until the 1920s and the first use of pompons was in the 1930s, which were handmade from paper. Fred Gastoff invented the first vinyl pompoms in 1965, first used by the International Cheerleading Foundation.

Who started poms in US?

Fred Gastoff invented the first vinyl pom poms, first used by the International Cheerleading Federation

What are some cheerleading positions?

slits, butt-kick, jump, the one footer, jump kick, cartwheel

Where was the jump rope invented?

The jump rope was invented in Ancient China The jump rope was invented in Ancient China

Who invented cheerleading outfits?

Tiffany Cyrus ;)

Where was the first cheerleading team?

the first cheerleading team started in the university of minnesota