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The first Bmx bikes were modified schwinn sting rays etc... The swapped out the seat, handle bars, grips, fork, wheels brakes and tires. The fenders, kickstand, chain guard, reflectors were removed for weight. The kids used to ride the dirt tracks that their parents used for Moto cross in the seventies. The kids tried to mimick all the jumps etc of Moto cross. Gary Turner ( founder of GT bicycles ) was an aircraft And auto racing welder and saw how heavy these old modded schwinn sting rays were and they didn't always hold up well. So he built a bike frame for his son from chromoly tubing. The result was a lighter and stronger bike, and it was faster too. After a while he was making frames for their friends kids. He eventually talked with a local shop owner who began to sell his frames.. Business grew and the had to get a warehouse in Santa Ana and GT bicycles was born. There were many others all over the country witnessing this same situation and developing their own frames, such as cooks bro's or hutch etc.... This was how BMX was born. It was simply a children's version of the already popular Motorcycle Moto-cross. BR

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The first bicycle made specifically to mimmick the Motocross riders that early BMX riders were mimmicking was the Yamaha Moto-Bike in 1973.

The first official BMX bike, with the frame design as we know it today, was in late 1974 with the introduction of the Redline Squareback.

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The father of the modern BMX bike is widely believed to be Linn Kastan

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curak z čurakova

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Q: Who invented the first bmx track?
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Who made the first bmx bike?

Bob haro invented the first freestyle BMX bike.

When was the akron bmx track invented?

The Akron BMX track, AKA Akron Derby Downs BMX, was formed sometime around 1986. The group that ran Stow Bmx looked for a new location after they lost the Stow, Ohio one. I believe that Stow ran from 1982-1986.

Where in California did BMX racing get started?

bmx races are held at bmx track if you want to find a bmx track near you just go to the usabmx website and go in search track nearest to you if you dont live in the states just search bmx tracks in "your city" and it'll list the closest track!

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Will Ashley get a bmx track?

Only if he is really, really good.

What is the top speed on a bmx track?

60 mp/h

What was used before dirt bikes were invented?

BMX bicycles

What was invented by Mr Tupper?

Mr.Tupper invented the Tupperware plastic containers Written by :BMX Live

Was bmx invented in australia?

No. It's generally agreed that it was invented in the USA, although undoubtedly kids and young adults had been ridng and jumping bikes pretty much all over the world long before the BMX was formally invented.

Where is the main manufacturer for BMX bikes?

BMX bikes were invented in 1974. It became official when George E Esser founded the NBL. There is no main manufacturer of BMX bikes but there are many different ones.

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How much do bmx bikes weigh?

15lbs and up! It depends upon what the bike is made of. The department store bmx bikes are the heaviest more in the 25lb+ range. If your looking to actually race bmx. A retail bmx is not a good choice. They also cannot handle the track conditions and are very heavy!