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Football was a casual game with few rules when it was first played. Often, the men of one village played against the men of another village with the playing area stretching between the two villages. The ball was often nothing more than an animal bladder and the chances of it lasting the whole game were fairly remote. As the game developed, balls were manufactured from leather but every village made balls of different sizes and shapes. It was only in the last century that the size of the ball was agreed throughout the country. As the ball became standardized, so did the rules. The modern football was not invented so much as developed over more than a century. Football's now are much lighter than previously and so its much better to curl the ball with a a shot. In 1863 when England had written the rules for Football the ball specification was listed.

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Q: Who invented the ball in Football?
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Pro B-Ball (Basket Ball) was invented in 1989 AD by a Football player named Dick Butkiss (He was on the Bears)

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The water polo ball was invented by the same people that invented the game itself, they were British people laying in lakes and rivers. The ball wouldn't have been a water polo ball as such, it may have been a football, but as soon as it was used for that purpose, it became a water polo ball.

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Why was basket ball, soccer, tennis, badminton, football, rugby, and all other sports invented?

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Walter camp created the football used in American football. He was a graduate of Yale and invented the game in 1820. Since then, the game has grown to be a multi billion dollar industry professionally.

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Football with yellow lines along the seams it was a test football invented by Charles Finley it was used as an experimental ball it is over twenty years old. Is there any value to this football?


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the ideology of football was that England invented football in the medival times but history has shown that the chinese had played with a ball made out of cotton and used to kick to one another, but the true founder of football has yet been fully discovered

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You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

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The real name for Soccer is Football. You use your foot, to move the ball. Football was invented before American Football, the rules were written before American Football's rules. American Football shouldn't be called Football because the foot is barely used.

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A Gaelic Football ball is a leather ball, similar to the ball used in soccer.

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