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W.H Williamson is credited for inventing swimming as a sport by coming up with the first swimming rule in 1804. This rule was commonly known as the lifebelt.

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Q: Who invented swimming as a sport?
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What country invented the sport known as swimming?

Botswana invented swimming in the early 1960s.

What is the year the sport swimming invented?

1 882

When did Benjamin Franklin invent swimming?

Benjamin Franklin never invented the concept of swimming, nor the sport.

Why was competitive swimming invented?


Are swimming are a sport?

yes the swimming is a sport

Is synchronized swimming a sport?

Yes, synchronized swimming is a sport.

When did swimming become an Olympic sport?

Swimming was an Olympic sport in 1896.

What is a good topic sentence about swimming?

I had a wonderful summer

Is swimming a Canadian sport?

Is swimming a typical sport for Canada - No Does Canada compete in Swimming - Yes

Why swimming become a sport?

it isn't a sport. swimming is a way to keep from drowning!

What is the history of swimming?

Swimming has never been "invented" or "discovered". It was just what people began to do to prevent themselves from drowning. They had pools way back to the times of the Roman Empires, but back then, they called them bath houses. What was invented was competitive swimming which developed over the centuries. People added to the sport, changed it and more.

Which olympic sport has a finish line that is never crossed?


Is swimming a good abdominal sport?

Swimming is a good full body exercise sport.

What is the evolution of swimming?

Swimming became a competitive sport in the early 1800s.Now swimming is the third most watched sport in the Olympic games.

Why is swimming an aerobic sport?

Swimming is aerobic. It is considered to be an endurance sport, but there is still sprinting involved.

Which sport may be one of the oldest human skills?


Why did swimming become a sport?

it is a sport because you can do it

Is swimming an indoor sport?

swimming is not a sport at all ok now who ever thinks that it is it is not

When was swimming invented?

when wasn't swimming invented?

Which is the only Olympic sports race in which the competitors do not cross the finish line?

I believe your question is; "Which Olmpic sport has a finish line that no competitors cross" SWIMMING

Is Synchronised Swimming like normal swimming?

no, swimming is a real sport, syncronised swimming isn't

Who invented swimmers?

No one invented swimmers, people used bath houses in medieval time which came into swimming pools, a good way to excersize and keep oneself clean. This came to be pools, and eventually turned into a sport in around the 1800's mainly in Europe using the breastroke, but for more variety, laws were made for it and different strokes were created, into the swimming sport we have today!

Hayley Lewis is a champion in which sport?

Her sport is swimming.

What is laim sport?

laims favourite sport is swimming

Do you have to have a sport physical for swimming?

If it is high school swimming, then yes, you do.