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bam margera

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Q: Who invented skateboard wax?
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When was skateboard wax invented?

the first wax was a candle

How do you wax a skateboard?

you don't wax a skateboard, rather wax the curb or rail in which you would like to grind/slide on and keep on rollin'

What is skateboarding wax?

skateboard wax is aplied to the end of the skateboard to fix up any damages

What is skateboard wax made of?

Wax, You can use candle wax.

What is the best skateboard wax?

baker wax

What kind of wax is in skateboard waxes?

floor wax

Is there a difference between roller skate wax and skateboard wax?


What can you use for skateboard wax?


What is the difference between skateboard curb wax and skateboard rail wax?

There is no wax separately for curbs and rails. You could use wax for curbs or rails. Most of the time a rail doesn't need wax, because it's so slippery. But if you do use wax for a rail, you'll end up falling on your a**!

Can you use skateboard wax for surfboards?


What skateboard wax works best?

i didnt know there was wax for boards i use candle wax when grinding and stuff tho

How invented the skateboard?

the skateboard was invented when kids attached roller blades to pieces of wood

What do you use skateboard wax for?

You use skateboard wax to grind on stuff like curbs on sidewalks or handrails or rails. You rub the wax on the spot of the rail or curb that you want to grind on, and if you really want an effective "grind" you can rub the wax onto your trucks. Keep in mind that the more wax you put on the more slippery it will be.

How do you remove skateboard wax from sidewalks?

power washers

Where was skateboard in invented?

it was invented in 1997

How do you make skateboard wax?

Why make it? Go to your local skateshop and buy some, or you can use candle wax.

Is skateboard wax also called decal?

no a decal is a picture.

How do you get curb wax off your skateboard?

finger nail or grinding

How many ounces are in magic skateboard wax?

4 ounces

Can you make skateboard wax with just crayons?

Many people use candle wax or crayons to make skateboard wax. Many skateboard waxes are simply a slab of paraffin. Paraffin actually refers to a group of waxes that have different molecular structures. The paraffin that you buy in the skate shop could be any one of theses waxes. The waxes are by-products of different manufacturing processes. Crayons and candle wax are different types of paraffin.

The guy who invented the skateboard?

me the guy how invented the skateboard was a human with a face and eyes ohhh and the human had a mouth......

Who invented the skateboard rocket?

The one who wants to invent the skateboard rocket is starwish5.

Can you use skateboard wax for a skimboard ramp wax?

I'm sure there are different kinds of wax that will work better than skate wax, but any wax is going to work better than none. So I say Yes, do it!

Who invented a skateboard?


Who invented skateboard?