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Q: Who invented shooting?
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Why was gun shooting invented?

During and after guns were invented.

When was olympic shooting invented?


Who invented the arm shooting sleeve?

Allen iverson

Who invented the recurve bow?

It was invented in central AAsia on the border of China and Kazakhstan. It was invented for long range shooting for the less effort

When was skeet shooting made a sport?

Skeet was invented in the 1920s and it became an Olympic sport in 1968.

When was the motion picture camera invented?

The motion picture camera was invented in 1891. It was capable of shooting with the sprocketed film. An electric motor was used to give the camera the needed power.

When was the world's first shooting rampage?

Seeing as how the Chinese invented gunpowder centuries ago and weapons using it were invented soon after, I SERIOUSLY doubt that there is any information on this particular event.

When did shooting start as a sport?

Gun shooting became an official sport in 1871 or 1872 when the NRA was formed, however, I'm sure, informally, people started shooting against other people for competition the day after the gun was invented, which was in either the 1300s or 1400s, depending on who you ask. According to some historians, bow and arrow shooting dates back to 9000 B.C.

Who invented trap and skeet?

Trap shooting has been around since the late 18th century when real birds were used, usually pigeons, as practice for bird hunters. Skeet shooting was invented by Charles Davis of Andover, Massachusetts in the 1920s as a sport called Clock Shooting. The game was introduced to the public by a sporting magazine in the 1926. They offered a prize for the best name for the new sport. The winning entry was "skeet."

What does the shooting gaurd do?

a shooting guard specializes in 3 point range shooting

When was gun shooting invented?

As soon as there was more than one gun, you can be pretty sure competition started. At least for the last 500 years or so.

Why invented Valentine's Day?

Because of Cupid!!!! that fling baby with the diaper and the shooting arrow that if u get shot with it, you fall i love with the first person you see.

When was shooting invented?

We do not know exactly- it was ABOUT 1000 years ago, in China, sometime in the 1200's. We simply do not have records that go back that far. Sorry.

What is the past continuous of shoot?

I/he/she/it was shooting. You/we were shooting.

What are the release dates for Shooting Guns to Shooting Films - 2009?

Shooting Guns to Shooting Films - 2009 was released on: USA: May 2009

What is a shooting star actually?

A shooting star can be either a meteorite or a comet. Both are shooting stars.

Which clothing item may improve your marksmanship?

A shooting jacket or shooting gloves (depending on what you are shooting)

Why is your bow not shooting right?

what do you mean by not shooting right

What does Shooting iron mean?

A shooting iron is a gun.

What were the punishments for shooting a rabbit in 1877?

shooting a rabbit

Where did the olympic event shooting originate from?

nobody really knows where but i suggest you can look on who invented the gun and see what country he lives in ? sorry if this was not to helpful but its the best you can try

What is a basketball foul in the act of shooting?

It is called a shooting foul when a defender contacts a player in the act of shooting.

Could NBA shooting bands improove your shooting?

No they do not. You just have to believe in your self and kind of have fun with your shooting.

What is the definition of a gang shooting?

A gang shooting is a shooting perpetrated by a gang of some description. An example is a drive by shooting, where gang members shoot someone from their car.

What is Clay Shooting Games?

This is a kind of shooting games. World sporting UK provides clay shooting games