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George Hansburg did. He made the master pogo stick

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Q: Who invented pogo stick?
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Who invented the pogo stick and where did its name come from?

George Hansberg or an unknown German man invented the pogo stick in 1919. The name comes from the girl named Pogo in which he made it for.

Who Invented a Pogo Stick?

George Hansberg invented the pogostick in 1919 and named it after the girl he made it for Pogo.

What was invented in the year 1918?

The pogo stick was invented in 1918

Who invented the pogo stick?

George H. Herrington patented it 1891

What is an example of something a kilogram in mass?

a pogo stick a pogo stick

How high pogo stick?

The highest pogo stick jup was 7'6 feet

Where did my old pogo stick end up?

I am not sure where your pogo stick ended up. Perhaps you could ask your parents or look on eBay or in flea markets for a similar pogo stick if you would like to find a similar pogo stick.

Is a pogo stick a toy?

No, a pogo stick is more of an avtivity than a toy. :)

What is the cost of a pogo stick?

£50000000000000000000000000000000000000 because you don't have the sence to go onto a pogo stick sales website

Most pogo on pogo stick?

186,152 by James Roumeliotis USA

When was pogo invented?

it was invented in 1894

Most jumps on pogo stick?

Caitlin Womack (age 11) in 2010 did 10,009 pogo stick jumps on Thanksgiving.

What is the most pogo stick hops for a child?

Caitlin Womack (age 10) did 10,009 pogo stick jumps on Thanksgiving.

Who inventes the pogo stick and and what year?

The pogo stick design was patented by a man named George B. Hansburg, in 1919.

How much does a Foam Master pogo stick generally cost?

The Foam Master Pogo stick generally costs in the region of å£75 or $100. This pogo stick can be purchased from sports stores or webpages such as Amazon or Ebay.

Is it possible bounce to the moon on a pogo?

No it is not possible to bounce to the moon on a pogo stick.

Who made the first practical pogo stick?

The pogo stick was designed in 1919 by an Illinois man who designed toys named George Hansburg.

When were pogo sticks invented?

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Is 460 pogo stick jumps a record?

Sadly no, but if you do 460 pogo stick jumps, that is still pretty good! The record is well over 1,000,000.

What did George Hansburg Invent?

pogo stick

What is the most jumps for a pogo stick?


Does Queen Elizabeth the 2 have a pogo stick?


What type of energy is a pogo stick?


Most jumps on a pogo stick?

On October 28,2010 at 10:37 am Peter Jasinski got 37,798 jumps on a pogo stick and 1,798 without hands.

Greatest number of pogo stick jumps?

The greatest number of consecutive jumps achieved on a pogo stick is 177,737, by Gary Stewart at Huntington Beach, California.