Who invented Tudor tennis?

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the same person who invented tennis in the first place

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Q: Who invented Tudor tennis?
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Related questions

Was tennis invented in Tudor times?

Yes miss

Who invented Tennis and what year tennis invented?

It Was Invented By France & Originated In The 12th Century.

When and where tennis originated?

It originated from the Tudor game of Real Tennis which is quite similar to modern day squash.

How was tennis dicovered?

Tennis was not discovered it was invented.

When was tennis created and who by?

King Henry 8th started it in the Tudor times.

Who invented the tennis balls?

king henrey invented the first tennis balls.

When was the coif hat invented?

Tudor times :)

When discovered lawn tennis?

when was lawn tennis invented

What did the Tudor kings do in their spare time?

Jousting, Played tennis. beheaded their wives.

What person invented table tennis?

It is more than one person who invented table tennis.

What year was tennis invented in?

Although the origins of tennis are not clear, many experts believe tennis, then called lawn tennis, was invented in 1873 by Major Walter Wingfield.

What country was the first to have the sport tennis?

The french invented tennis

Who invented the Tennisball?

Presumably, the guy who invented tennis.

Who invented the first tennis ball?

the first person who invented a tennis ball is king henrey the 5th

What year was the tennis racket invented?

William A. Larned invented the metal tennis racket in 1922 but the wooden racket was invented the year 1500.

When was tennis invented?

Tennis was believed to be invented in 1873 by a British Army officer named Walter Clopton Wingfield

What year was table tennis invented?

it was invented in india at 1880

In which country was the game of lawn tennis invented?

It is invented in England.

When was the head crusher invented?

medieval torture- Tudor times

Were bombs invented in Tudor times?

yes even cannons

What leisure did Tudor poor people play?

They played tennis and maybe football as Henry The 8th made tennis as he use to batter around his enemies heads around and he called it tennis!

When the tennis racket was invented?


When was the tennis shoes invented?


What language invented tennis?

Its the British

What century was tennis invented?