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Me i was the one hope i answered your question

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Q: Who invented Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Leagugue?
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What was the Milwaukee Brewers payroll in 1950?

The Milwaukee Brewers were not a baseball team in 1950 - They were formed in 1970

What professional baseball team is based on Milwaukee Wisconsin?

Milwaukee Brewers

What sport does the Milwaukee Brewers play?


What official sport is headquartered in Milwaukee?

Well they have the milwaukee bucks( basketball) and milwaukee brewers ( baseball)

What do you mean by brewers?

the Milwaukee Brewers, the best baseball team in the NL Central. Go Brew Crew the Milwaukee Brewers ARE in the NL central.they are located at Milwaukee,Wisconsin. And their park name is MIller Park.

Are the Milwaukee Brewers a Canadian Baseball Team?

They were originally

What teams did hank aaron play baseball for?

The Atlanta/Milwaukee Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers

What state are the Milwaukee Brewers from?

The Milwaukee Brewers are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Where do the brewers play baseball?

miller park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What is Wisconsin's Major League baseball team?

Milwaukee Brewers

When was Milwaukee Brewers created?

Milwaukee Brewers was created in 1969.

What is a Milwaukee Brewer?

The Milwaukee Brewers are a major league baseball team located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are so named because of Milwaukee's brewing industry.

Which baseball team did Hank Aaron ended his baseball career with what team?

Milwaukee Brewers

Is Milwaukee Brewers the Wisconsin Major-League Baseball team?


When do Milwaukee Brewers 2012 tickets go on sale?

The tickets are for sale right now on June 25, 2012; to see a Milwaukee Brewers regular season baseball game.

What movie and television projects has Jim Gantner been in?

Jim Gantner has: Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Second Baseman in "Monday Night Baseball" in 1976. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Second Baseman in "1982 American League Championship Series" in 1982. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Second Baseman in "1982 World Series" in 1982. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Second Baseman in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Third Baseman in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played himself in "DHL Presents Major League Baseball Hometown Heroes" in 2006.

What is Will Smith's number on the Milwaukee Brewers?

Will Smith is number 13 on the Milwaukee Brewers.

What were the Milwaukee Brewers first team name?

Seattle Pilots moved to Milwaukee to become the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970.

Who are some baseball players with number 23?

Rickie Weeks on the Milwaukee Brewers

When did Hank Aron retire from baseball?

In 1975 while a member of the Milwaukee Brewers.

What does Milwaukee Brewers sing?

isn't that a baseball team? yep it is a Mlb baseball team,not a group of singers.

Why do the Milwaukee Brewers not have any history to them?

The reason the Milwaukee Brewers don't have any history to them, is because they are terrible. They stink. When anyone tries to write the history of the Brewers, they give up, because they are one of the worst baseball teams that ever existed.

How many sports teams are in Milwaukee?

3 Assuming you are referring to professional sports teams there are 4... the Milwaukee Bucks (basketball), Milwaukee Brewers (baseball), Milwaukee Admirals (hockey), and the Milwaukee Wave (soccer)

What is Alfredo Figaro's number on the Milwaukee Brewers?

Alfredo Figaro is number 45 on the Milwaukee Brewers.

What is Aramis Ramirez's number on the Milwaukee Brewers?

Aramis Ramirez is number 16 on the Milwaukee Brewers.