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way back when the Romans invented charriote racing but where afraid to go on their backs sooner or later in England there was racing

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Q: Who invented Harness Racing?
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Harness Racing bets?

Like in horse racing harness racing depends on the odds and the amount of bets played.

Light breed of horse used for harness racing?

Standardbreds are used for harness racing.

Does a Arabian have to be registered to run in harness racing races the US?

Arabians are not used for harness racing in the US, only Standardbred horses are used for harness racing in the US.

Which States have Harness Racing?

harness racing goes on in newzealend, papaneuginie, africa, iceland, and germany.

When did Roosevelt Raceway - harness racing - end?

Roosevelt Raceway - harness racing - ended in 1988.

When was Roosevelt Raceway - harness racing - created?

Roosevelt Raceway - harness racing - was created in 1940.

Can a sulky be used in harness racing?

A sulky is always used in harness racing. It is the cart where the jockey sits.

In Australia what was the sport of harness racing originally called?

In Australia harness racing was originally called Trotting.

Who invented the climbing harness?

The man who invented the harness

What was the other type of horse race?

There's harness racing and flat out racing.... Flat out racing is most common in thoroughbreds, appaloosa's and quarter horses. Harness racing is saddlebreds.

What actors and actresses appeared in Harness Racing - 1947?

The cast of Harness Racing - 1947 includes: Knox Manning as Narrator

How much does a harness racing driver make?

A harness racing driver should make at least 20,000 at the end of each year.

If you ride a sulky what sport is that?

Harness racing

What vehicle was used in harness racing?


What type of gait do harness racing horses use in their races?

The gaits used by harness racing horses is pacer and trotter

Who is the oldest jockey in harness racing?

Jockeys ride on the back of thoroughbred horses; standard bred horses used in harness racing have drivers.

What has the author Ronald Roblin written?

Ronald Roblin has written: 'The bettor's guide to harness racing' -- subject(s): Betting, Harness racing

What has the author Frank Albert Wrensch written?

Frank Albert Wrensch has written: 'Harness horse racing in the United States and Canada' -- subject- s -: Horse-racing, Harness racing

What sport and contest is Interdominions?

Harness Horse Racing

Most earnings in Harness Racing?

Peace Corps

In what sport would you find a sulky?

Harness racing.

What are standardbred races called?

This is the sport of Harness Racing.

When will there be a harness racing game on xbox 360?


What breed of horse is used in harness racing?


What year was ski racing invented?

ski racing was invented in 1563