Who invent soccer?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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the English invented soccer

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Q: Who invent soccer?
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Did the French invent soccer?


Did South Africa invent soccer?

No, soccer has it origins in England

Who helped invent soccer?

the british

Did the English invent soccer?


Did robert Kane invent soccer?


Did a boy invent soccer or did a girl?

No a group of men made soccer

What date did Robert Kane invent soccer?

the date that robert kane invent soccer is when he had sex with you. you too did it to hard and he likes to suck your boobs a lot

Did the Italians Invent Soccer?

yes they did along with MANY OTHER THINGS like soccer

What games were used to invent volleyball?

badminton and soccer

What exact date did Robert Kane invent soccer?

He didn't. Soccer has been played for hundreds of years.

Who was the first one to invent soccer?

England created football.

What sports did china invent besides soccer?

baby eating