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Dr. Naismith used a peach basket with a hole in the bottom and a soccer ball, I believe, at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. This was the start of Basketball! He also invented the first football helmet by cutting a leather ball in half and wearing it as a helmet.

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Q: Who invenetd a basket with a hole for the game of basketball?
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What is slang for a basketball hoop?

umm.... the bucket? the hole? basket?

How basketball devoloped?

It was created by James Naismith who was a phys-ed teacher. He needed to create a new game and it involved kids throwing a ball into a basket. Later, they cut a hole under the basket so that they don't have to climb up to get the basketball.

What are basketball equpiment?

ball= a rubber round ball that you use to shoot into the basket basket= a tall hole that lets the ball come through the hole net= part of the basket rim= the outside part of the basket

What did James Naismith use for his first basketball hoop?

The first basketball hoop was a peach basket.

What is the relation between Basketball and basket?

the gamw was created by JAMES A NAISMITH using a ball and a peach basket.. the ball had to be taken out of the peach basket after every shot.. sometime later they just made a hole in the basket

What is a peach basket?

In the beginning, basketball was played with a peach basket nailed to a post. James Naismith wrote the rules and had his gym class play the game. The peach baskets did not have a hole in the bottom and when a team got a basket, they had to get the ball manually. He removed the bottom so they could poke the balls out using a long dowel.

What was the concept before it was called basketball?

it was called basketball they used baskets that didnt have a hole so someone would have to climb up somehow and get the ball then they thought cut a hole in the basket so they did they as years went on they made basketball better and better and now the hoops are metal,wood and glass but the name was always the same

What is the historyof basketball?

The first game was played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets used as goals. When or if they made it in they would have to get the ball out everytime, but then they put a hole in the basket so that the ball would fall out. I hope this is helpful.

What is considered the hardest hole to play?

The folly basket windwheell. The folly basket windwheell.

What word describes a basket bucket or hole?


In disc golf what is the target called?

It is usually called a basket. the technical name is the disc pole hole, invented by the "Father of Disc Golf", "Steady Ed" Headric.

How much water needed to fill a basketball?

There are several methods for filling a basketball with water. One method involves carefully removing the plug from the inflation hole in the ball. Filling the ball, replacing the plug, and taping the entire ball to prevent leakage.