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I love donughts

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Q: Who inspired David Beckham to become a famous footballer?
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What is David Beckham famous for?

He's famous for being a footballer.

Which famous English footballer call child romeo?

David Beckham

Which famous English footballer has called his child Romeo?

David Beckham has called his third son Romeo.

Is David Beckham still famous for his football skills?

Yes he is famous for his football skills , so he is still the richest footballer.

What was England like to David Beckham?

England have taken a liking to David Beckham , mainly because he is handsome, and a fantastic footballer. And his wife Posh Spice is equally famous as a singer.

Who is most famous sports person now in England?

Most likely some footballer's such as David Beckham or Steven Gerrard or Lampard. If I had to say i'd say the best guess is David Beckham.

When did David Beckham become a famous soccer player?

== == when he was 16

Famous British athletes?

David Beckham-footballer Chris Hoy- cyclist Andy Murray-tennis player

What inspired Cleopatra to become famous?

Cleopatra was inspired by watching her mother rule

How did Victoria Beckham become famous?

Victoria Beckham became famous as a result of her voice. She was in the group entitled the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls were a popular group that sang pop music.

How did mia hamm's become famous?

Mia Hamm became famous as a footballer. She won the ladies world cup for the U.S.A. And also won the lady footballer of the year.

Who is the famous footballer in the world?

lionel messi but in america david beckham is know over in america and england but messi is the best welll hes in his prime now

Which famous English footballer called his child Romeo?

David Beckham is a famous English football who named his son Romeo. He named his third son Romeo. He was famous for playing for the English national team, and has since retired from the team.

How did Keri Hilson become famous?

Because she was inspired by other singer.

What inspired Miley Cyrus to become famous?


What inspired Elvis Presley to become famous?

this parents and family

What inspired Dave Pelzer to become a famous author?

He wrote book.

What inspired mac miller to become famous?

Nobody care's Sucka

What inspired Selena Quintanilla to become famous?

Her father inspired her to sing and he believed that she could do it. So her faith took her to her dreams.

What has Victoria beckham done to become famous?

She was in a famous pop group called "Spice Girls". It was said to be the biggest British band since The Beatles.

Is David Beckham famous?

Yes David Beckham is a famous English Football Celebrity.

Who is the most famous girl footballer?

The most famous lady footballer is the American footballer Mia Haam.

Who is a famous footballer in the United Kingdom?

There are lot of famous footballers in the United Kingdom , some of them are Andy chapman, Andrew Johnson, Ben Rhodes, Barnard Joy, Chris Cattlin, Dan Preston, David Beckham and Gary Owen to name a few.

Who is more famous David Beckham or Garfield?


What inspired Michael Jackson to sing and become famous?

because of her sister miley