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It was his father who encouraged him to play football (soccer).

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Q: Who inspired Alan Shearer to play football?
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What team does Alan shearer play for?

He retired from Football

Which team did Alan shearer play for when he scored 100 goals in the premier league?

Alan Shearer was playing for Blackburn Rovers when he scored his 100th premier league goal.

Why did Alan shearer play for Newcastle?

Because that is his home city, he was born in Newcastle

For which British soccer club did Alan Shearer play for?

Southhampton, Blackburn, and Newcastle

When did Alan shearer play for Southampton?

Alan Shearer was spotted by Southampton's scout Jack Hixon while playing for Wallsend, and given a period in the youth team, which Shearer described as "the making of me". He played for Southampton for six years in total.

What inspired Tom Brady to play football?

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How many times did Alan shearer play for England?

he played 63 times and scored 30 goals in the 63 games

Who inspired Walter Payton to play football?

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Who does Alan Shearer play for in 2008?

Alan Shearer never played for Manchester United - in spite of being mentioned as a transfer target for the team as early as the 1991-92 season, when he was still at Southampton. However, Blackburn Rovers picked him up at the end of the season, for what was then a British record transfer fee, of 3.3 million pounds.

What inspired Jerome Bettis to play pro football?

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Name two players who play football for dublin?

Alan Brogan and Stephen Cluxton both play for the Dublin Gaelic Football team.

Who inspired cronaldo to become a footballer?

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