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Probably Brother Matthias Boutlier of St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys in Baltimore. The 7-year-old George Herman Ruth had been sent by his father to the reformatory and orphanage. It was Brother Matthias who introduced the youngster to Baseball.

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brother matthis his religious trainer at st.mary's

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Q: Who influenced babe Ruth as he was growing up?
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How was Babe Ruth when he was a toddler?

Babe Ruth grew up in an orphanage, and there are no real records of what he was like as a toddler.

What was it like for Babe Ruth to grow up in New York city?

Babe Ruth didn't grow up in New York City. He grew up in Baltimore, MD.

Was Babe Ruth drunk when up to bat?

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Which pitcher gave up Babe Ruth's first hit?

Babe Ruth's first hit was a double off of Leonard Cole of the New York Yankees in 1914.

Did babe Ruth grow up with his parents?

Basically no, Babe Ruth did not grow up with his parents. When he was seven years old, his parents sent their "incorrigible" son to a school for boys where he lived until he was nineteen.

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Who gave up Babe Ruth's Last home run?

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Where was Babe Ruth educated?

Brought up in the Baltimore area he went to a local elementary school. He was considered to be an "incorrigible kid", and had to be removed. When Babe Ruth was seven years old his parents placed him in St. Mary's Industrial School in Baltimore, an institution for underprivileged boys. This is where Babe Ruth finished high school.