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It was first swede ever to become good borje salming he knew him

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Q: Who influenced Mats Sundin to play hockey?
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What team does mats sudin play for?

Mats Sundin plays for the Vancouver Canucks. (As of the 08-09 season)

Why didn't Mats Sundin play September 18 2007?

Because he didn't. Maurice gave him a rest.

Who did Mats Sundin ever play with in NHL?

The teams he played with are the Toronto Maple Leafs, Quebec Nordiques and the Vancouver Canucks.

What team will Mats Sundin play for the 2009-2010 season?

I hope he decides to play for his old club Djurgårdens IF, back home in sweden! Don't forget where you come from. Jockemn

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His Father.

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