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Yes, they did. :)

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Q: Who influenced Cristiano Ronaldo to become a Soccer player?
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Who helped Cristiano Ronaldo become a footballer?

His father

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo become professional?

Because the tricks of football that he made.

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo choose football as his career?

He must have become one, as it gets you fame and money.

Was it hard for Cristiano Ronaldo to become famous?

No it was not at all hard for Ronaldo to become famous as at the tender ageof 22 he wasalready famous at Manchester United.

When did Cristiano Ronaldo become a footballer?

he became a footballer at the age of 21 if u have different answer then change my answer but i swear its 21

How did Peru become a country?

When Cristiano Ronaldo was in a land (Peru) he singned a contract and made Peru. But Then Messi took over Peru and was the new ruler for Argentina and Peru. Now nobody wanted Cristiano ronaldo as a ruler and he decided to shoot himself.

Who signs the bill into a law?

IN the US, a bill that has been passed by Congress become law when the President signs it.

Is Lionel Messi the next icon of soccer?

Messi is a great soccer player , and he might infact become the best but he still needs a lot of time to become great soccer player such as Ronaldo Luis or Ronaldinho.

What does Cristiano Ronaldo like in women?

The Portuguese football player must not share what he likes in women, because he has chosen to become a father without finding a woman he wants to be with. He chose to have a child through a surrogate.

How much time do you have to be in school to become a pro soccer player?

You do not have to go to school to be a footballer. Some famous ones like Ronaldo, Ronoldhino and Pele did not go to school.

When did ronaldo become famous?

because he did

How do you become a star right midfielder?

You have to be fancy just like Cristiano Ronaldo. Though not compulsory its definitely an edge. You need to have the ability to pass and cross well.Also, you need speeeeeeeeed.Endurance/fitness to be able to attack and defend. To be all over the field.