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Bobby Orr was influenced by his father who wanted him to be a defenseman. He was an unknown child player about 10 years old or so when two Boston Bruin scouts went to a rink to look at two other players, saw Orr, and immediately identified him as a huge talent. They installed a junior team in his home town of Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada, so Orr could live with his parents while he played and so they would be sure he stayed in the Bruins' system. Don Cherry (his coach at the Boston Bruins) said he knew exactly how to coach Orr: When Orr was on the bench, Cherry opened the door to the ice when Orr was ready to go out and compete; when Orr was tired and wanted to come off the ice, Cherry would open the door so he could come off the ice and sit down. These people, at least, had influence on his development. I saw Orr play live in the days before players wore helmets. The arena was sold out just to see him. He is the greatest hockey player I have ever seen. I met him years later at a charity event. He was absolutely the most friendly and classy person.

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He says Gordie Howe is the greatest player he has ever seen

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his dad

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Q: Who influenced Bobby Orr and his accomplishments?
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Who influenced Bobby Orr to make him play hockey?

His Father.

When was Bobby Orr born?

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948

When is Bobby Orr's birthday?

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948

Who was Bobby Orr traded for?

Bobby Orr was never traded in his NHL career

What was the top speed of Bobby Orr slapshot?

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What is Bobby Orr's birthday?

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948.

What has the author Bobby Orr written?

Bobby Orr has written: 'Orr on ice' -- subject(s): Hockey 'Orr on ice' -- subject(s): Hockey

What our Bobby Orr's kids named?

colton orr

What made Bobby Orr famous?

Playing fantastic hockey made Bobby Orr famous.

Why is Bobby Orr a significant Canadian?

Bobby Orr was one of the greatest hockey players of all time

What is Bobby Orr's greatest achievement?

Bobby Orr's greatest achievement ever was that he was a defenseman with an offensive mind.

Bobby Orr's hometown?

Bobby Orr was born In Port Perry, Ontario, Canada which is outside of Toronto