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I this the best player at layups is kobe

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Q: Who in the nba is the best at layups?
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What do you need to do to get to NBA from d league in NBA 2k10 my player mode?

Driving for layups is the key. Just get good at layups and shoot in traffic and your shot will be automatic. BTW my guy is a 99 and owns. 6 foot1 pg.

Most lay-ups made in one minute?

The most layups ever made was 37 layups in a minute.

What is the best NBA video game?

Nba: 2k10

Who is the best NBA team in the NBA?

Lakers and Celtics

Who is the best NBA player who is in the NBA?

giannis antetokounmpo

Is it better to shoot lay ups underhand or overhand?

it is good to use underhand layups than overhand because in overhand layups the momentum of ur body is added to ur realese so when u release the ball at a gud speed the ball often bounce of the backboard............. but underhand layups require more strength and a good height to execute it................................learn underhand layups and execute it in the game and have fun.................................

Who is the best team and have the best record in the NBA today?

LA Lakers is the best NBA team today

Who was the best crossover the history of the NBA?

Allen Iverson has the best crossover in NBA history.

Who is the best NBA or AND 1?

In NBA it is Micheal Jordan ,then the best and 1 is hot sauce

Who is Shaquille O'Neal o'neal best friends NBA?


Is Miami Heat the best team in NBA?

miami heat is the best team in NBA

What used to be the best team in the NBA?

The Los Angeles Lakers used to be the best team in the NBA with two great players - Kobe Bryant (currently the best player in the NBA) and - Shaquille O Neal (was the best center in the NBA.

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