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Aron Afflalo on the pistons

Sam Cassell on the celtics

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Mickaël Piétrus the small forward or shooting guard

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Aaron Afflalo

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Q: Who in the NBA wears the number 28 on his jersey?
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Who wears Mancunian republic jersey number 28?

Alex Butner wears jersey number 28 for mancunian republic.

Who wears number 28 jersey?

Gary moss from hawthorn

What football player wears a 28 on their football jersey?

adrian peterson

What jersey number did marshall faulk wear?

He wore number 28.

What is Anton Volchenkov's number on the New Jersey Devils?

Anton Volchenkov is number 28 on the New Jersey Devils.

Who wore Mancunian republic 2010-2011 season jersey number 28?

Darron Gibson wore jersey number 28 for mancunian republic in 2010-2011.

What was Adrian Peterson's college football jersey number?

Adrian Peterson is number 28 on the Minnesota Vikings.

What football players wears the number 28 on the saints team?

Chuck Muncie

Who wears 28 at man united?

No one wears 28 at Manchester United

What was Ahmad Rashad's jersey number when playing for MN Vikings?


Who wears number 28 in todays Yankee's team?

Brett Tomko, and Shelly Duncam wore uniform number 28 for the 2009 New York Yankees.

Who wore jersey number 28 for the New York Giants?

Bobby Duhon, a running back in the late 1960's and early 1970's wore number 28 for the Giants. In 1965-1967, defensive back Henry Carr, a former Olympic Gold Medal sprinter, wore the same number for the Giants.