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I don't know what anyone elses schedule is but my team is LSU and we play 6 teams ranked in the top 25 this season including 2 ranked teams Out of Conference. 6 teams in the top 25 to play out of 12 games id say is pretty tough in College Football.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-22 02:49:40
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Q: Who in college football has the hardest schedule?
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How does a college football team qualify as a BCS team?

By having a cobination of the best record, hardest schedule, and haed to head wins

What ncaa football team has the hardest schedule?


I am looking for the schedule for Hope College Junior Varsity football team?

Go to Hope College, Athletics, Football. On the home page for football, under the captains pictures, is the JV schedule for 2008.

Where does one go to view the hardest hits of college football in 2012?

YouTube is a good place to see some of the hardest-hitting action in college football. A number of clip collections are available from independent users featuring moments from the season, frequently set to music.

What 2009 college football team had the strongest schedule?

the university of Ohio state

What is the 2009-2010 Boston College football schedule?

schedules don't come out until the Spring

Who has the hardest schedule in the NFL?

I think the Pittsburgh Steelers have the toughest schedule this year.

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Who are the college football teams that have had the toughest schedules the past ten years?

Click on the 'BCS Strength of Schedule' link on this page to see a list of schedule strengths since 1999.

Where can one find the college football tv schedule?

One can find college football TV schedules in many different places. One can call their television provider and ask for a sample, or they can find it at certain sites online.

Where can I find LSU's Football schedule?

Click on the '2008 LSU Football Schedule' link below to see the 2008 schedule.

Where can one find a schedule of BCS games?

One can find a schedule of College Football BCS games on several different websites. Some of the most popular options include: ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, and the BCS Football website.

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Where can one find the real time college football games schedule?

You can find real time college football games schedules online at the ESPN website. You can also locate schedules on the CBSSports website along with news, scores, and season stats.

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Where can one find the Virginia Tech football schedule?

Virginia Tech Football schedule can be found on various websites. Try looking on ESPN, Football Schedule, Hokie Sports, Virginia Tech Rivals, FB Schedules.

Where can one find the Michigan football schedule online?

The Michigan football schedule can be found on their official website MGOBLUE under the Varsity Sports pull down menu. Select football and then click on Schedule and then Future Schedules.

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What is the 2009 Florida State football schedule?

What is the 2009 Florida State Football schedule and what are the scores as of 10/04/09?

How do college football teams get their schedules?

The college schedule is set up as games against their respected conference and the out of conference schedule is agreements between the different schools (normally home and away agreement 2 to 4 years). This another reason why there should be a playoff system. Teams like the Florida Gators, schedule all the out of conference games against Patsy's.

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