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Wojciech Mydra holds the single season record for blocks in NCAA history

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Q: Who holds the single season block record in NCAA basketball?
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Who is the alltime block record in NCAA mens basketball?

Adonal Foyle

What is a block party?

A block party is a festive event held in the street of a city block, or a basketball game during which a single player blocks the shots of many other players.

What is BS in basketball?

BS is a statistic measure in basketball and stand for Block Shots

What does blk mean in basketball?

It means block.

Any large single block of data stored in a database such as a picture or sound file which does not include record fields and cannot be directly searched by the databases search engine?

any large single block of data stored in a database, such as a picture or sound file, which does not include record fields, and cannot be directly searched by the database's search engine.

What is a legal block in basketball?

if your feet do not move and your arms are straight up it is a legal block

Can you bat a basketball in the air?

Yes that is called a block

What does BS stand for in basketball box score?

BS stands for Block Shots in a basketball box score.

What is the record of most block shots in a NBA game?

The record for the most blocked shots in a single NBA game belongs to Toronto vs. Atlanta on March 23, 2001. This game also holds the record for most blocked shots in one half.

Can you block a shot standing at the back of a player in basketball?


Is there a forward in basketball?

There is a forward position who plays on the block by the basket

Single block-and-fall is called a?

Rolling-Block Not sure if that was your question.

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