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Jack Nicklaus has won 18 this is currently the most, Tiger Woods has won 14 and he is still active.

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Byron Nelson - 11 in a row!

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Q: Who holds the record for winning the most golf championships?
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Who holds the NCAA record for most golf wins in one season?

sam sneed

What has the author Cary Middlecoff written?

Cary Middlecoff was a professional golfer, not an author. He was known for his successful career in golf, winning several major championships in the 1950s.

Who has won the most majors in golf?

Jack Nicklaus

When are the Golf Open Championships?

December 25

What college holds most NCAA championships?

As of May 21, 2011 (thanks to Women's Golf), UCLA now has a total of 107 NCAA championship titles. Go Bruins!

What school has the most NCAA golf championships?


Who holds your golf clubs in a game of golf?

A caddy

Tiger woods greatest achievement in golf?

14 major championships.

What was tigers golf goals?

The main ones were 3 US Amateur Championships which he achieved. And 19 major championships, he currently has 14.

What state has held the most US Open golf championships?

new york

Golfers who have won major golf championships with Z in their names?

Zach Johnson

What has the author Joe Dante written?

Joe Dante has written: 'The four magic moves to winning golf' -- subject(s): Golf 'Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf' -- subject(s): Nonfiction, Sports & Recreations, OverDrive