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Q: Who holds the record for the most free throws in one hour?
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A basketball player made 65 free throws during a 2-hour practice.about how many free throws did he makeeach hour?

about 32. that's really good if you can do that

How many free throws has Steve Nash made?

Well he has made as much as Abdula. Abdula is in Mr. Taylor class fourth hour.

Who holds the record for the woman's 10000 meter swim?

The current world record holder for the women's 10,000 meter swim is Hungary's Eva Risztov. She set the record with a time of 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 27.3 seconds in 2012.

Fastest flight by a man without a aircraft was completed by at the speed of?

Felix Baumgartner holds the record for the fastest flight of a human being without an aircraft. In a free fall dive from about 128,000 feet in 2012, he reached a speed of 833.9 miles per hour. That is almost 100 miles per hour faster than the speed of sound.

What is the world record for fastest time to learn how to ride a bicycle?

Ele Polli Ziehler holds the world record for fastest time to learn how to ride a bicycle when she did it with less than an hour of practice in Amagansett NY on Aug 23 and 24 2014. It is her second world record.

Fastest car ever recorded?

brabus tkr 270miles per hour =ANSWER= Thrust SST exceeded the speed of sound on the Black ROck desert and still holds the record.

Who has the record for eating big macs in an hour?

Dunno about the record... but i just witnessed 6 in an hour. Pretty gross.

Who holds the worlds longest record on a roller coaster?

I believe it's Richard Rodriguez ... 17 days, with a break of 5 minutes per hour allowed to change clothes, shower, etc.

What sport burns more energy swwimming or basketball?

Swimming burns around 476 calories per hour, and basketball burns around 544 calories per hour (for a game) and 406 (non-game, like shooting free throws and dribbling).

Olympic distance triathlon record?

Set in 1996 by Simon Lessing, he broke the world record in the World Championship triathlon (Olympic distance) with a time of 1 hour, 39 minutes, 50 seconds at Cleveland. This record stands as of 2008. Due to the variety in courses during the olympic games, the world record is not official, however Simon Whitfeild holds the unofficial olympic record for triathlon at 1:48:24.02.

What is the record for most cheeseburgers eaten in an hour?

The record for most cheeseburgers eaten in an hour is 32, set by Takeru Kobayashi in 2014.

How do you record with a webcam?

I'm using a program: Advanced Webcam Recorder Your can try it, it's easy and good ~ it's not free, $28, Trial version limitations: can only record for one hour per run, watermarks on the output video.