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Sir Jack Hobbs of England has scored 61760 runs in First class cricket. He holds the record.

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Q: Who holds the record for the maximum runs in first class cricket?
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Who holds the record of hitting max number of 50 in first class cricket?

JB Hobbs holds the record of hitting maximum number of 50 in first class cricket.

Who has the maximum centuries in first class cricket?

it is jack hobbs who has scored the the maximum ceturies in first class cricket with 199 ceturies, at an average of 50.70.

Maximum number of centuries in first class cricket?

Jack Hopes(England) 197 Centuries in First Class Cricket

Who is the second man scoring maximum centuries in first class cricket?

Ricky ponting

What is the record for hitting a ball on a cricket bat?

Bradman takes Ponsford's first-class world record with 452 against Queensland in Sydney.

What is FC cricket?

First Class cricket.

Who holds the world record for most number of centuries in first class cricket?

Jack hobbs Jack hobbs

Which English cricket county did W G Grace represent?

He played first-class cricket for a record-equalling 44 seasons, from 1865 to 1908, during which he captained England, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club.

Which Englishman has scored the most hundreds in cricket?

The record for msot centuries in a first-class career is held by Egnland batsman Jack Hobbs, who scored 199 first-class centuries in 1325 innings.

Are all ICC tournaments first class cricket?

no there are also international cricket

What is a first class cricket?

Domestic matches of three or more days duration approved by different country's cricket boards under the ICC norms are called the First Class Cricket.

What has the author PH Sparks written?

P.H Sparks has written: 'John Berry Hobbs a complete record of all his performances in first class cricket'