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The NFL's fastest official 40 yard dash time was 4.25 seconds by cornerback Fabian Washington.

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Q: Who holds the record for the fastest 40 yard dash electronically timed in the NFL?
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Who holds the record for the fastest 40 yard dash electronically timed in NCAA football?

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Who has the fastest 40 yard dash time ever recorded?

Bo Jackson ran a 4.12 but it was not electronically timed and therfore could not be verified. Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 at the NFL Combine: The fastest electronically timed 40 yard dash.

Who holds the record for running the fastest hundred yard dash?

Houston McTear ran a hand timed 9.0 in high school in the early 1970s and Ivory Crockett ran a manual timed 9.0 in 1974. It is not an international competition event anymore and a world record for it has not be recognized since the 1970s.

What driver has fastest lap speed at Talladega?

Bill Elliott set the record for the fastest timed lap in a stock car at Talladega Superspeedway with a qualifying lap at 212.809 miles per hour. This is also the record for the fastest lap in NASCAR.

What is the record time for the 100 yard dash by an 8th grader?

The record for an electronically-timed 100-yard dash is 8.33 seconds, set on June 16, 2010, by lance awesome in Pasadena, texas.

The top twenty fastest NFL combine?

I don't know but I will give you this information: The fastest electronically timed 40 yard dash is 4.24 seconds by Chris Johnson out of Eastern Carolina University. Johnson currenty plays for the Tennessee Titans.

What is the fastest 400metre time?

fastest time ever is Micheal Johnson 400m 43.1 But the world record for a runner with bad-pronation is Scott Brooklyn Ruvolo 45.7 on a dirt track. world record for 16 year old Chip Rish 45.0 hand timed 45.7 electronic. world record for 52 years old Scott Ruvolo 47.87

Who is the fastest running back?

As of 2009 it is Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans with an electronically-timed 40 yard dash of 4.24.In college football it is tie between the Kansas Jayhawks Jake Sharp and the Florida Gators Jeff Demps, both have been timed at 4.29Bo Jackson ran a 40-yard dash in a blistering 4.12 seconds (hand-timed), which is still the fastest verifiable 40-yard dash ever recorded at any NFL Combine.

What was the Fastest timed runner in mph?

As of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Usain Bolt ran either 23.35 or 23.15 MPH with his world-record-breaking 100m dash time (9.58 seconds).

What is the Australian 100 meter record time for a 14 year old?

Eddie Redmond had just turned 14 when he clocked 11.01 seconds in 1998 at the ACT high school finals at the AIS track in Canberra. It was a calm day and timed electronically.

Who has beat Wilma Rudolph's record for fastest woman in the world?

Wilma Rudolph's automatic timed world record in the 100 meter dash, 11.41 seconds set at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, was bettered by Wyomia Tyus at 11.23 seconds at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. She had run faster times but those races were not automatically timed. Her best 100 meter dash time was a hand timed 11.2 set at a meet in Stuttgart in 1961. Wilma's automatic timed world record in the 200 meter dash, 22.30 seconds set at the 1960 Olympics, was bettered by Edith McGuire at 22.05 seconds set at the 1964 Olympics.

What was the fastest quartermile run by a human?

John Smith is still credited with the fastest 440 yards (quarter mile) based on his 44.5 hand timed World Record in the 1971 AAU Championship meet. The race is defunct and is rarely run by top athletes. much more common and the practical answer is Michael Johnson who holds the World Record in the 400 meters, about 8 feet less than a quarter mile, in 43.18, set August 26, 1999

What is the fastest marine mammal?

Orca (Orcinus Orca)- timed at 34.5 mph.

Is Adrian Peterson the fastest NFL player?

No. The fastest manual timed 40 is Deangleo Hall: 4.15 The fastest auto timed 40 is Fabian Washington: 4.25 Washington's 4.25 was the fastest combine time ever. (Manual Timing is .15 - .25 seconds faster than auto timing)

Worlds fastest typer of all time?

The world's fastest typer is Barbara Blackburn, and her fastest timed speed was 212 words per minute.

Who is the fastest 1600 meter male runner?

Bolt Bolt is wrong, bolt runs the 100 (9.58) 200 (19.19) and the 4x100 (37.90) The actual answer is Hicham El Guerrouj. He holds the world record for the 1600 meter run with a time of 3:43.13. Furthermore, the 3:43.13 was timed for a mile, which is 9.35 meters further than 1600 (which he had passed about a second and a half earlier).

Who is The fastest linebacker in the NFL?

Patrick wilis was timed at 4.39 second's at 40 yard's at his proday.

Who holds the recent world record in the 200 meters race in track and field?

Usain Bolt of Jamaica set the world record at 19.30 in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China. His time beat Michael Johnson's World and Olympic record from 1996 (19.32). Bolt and Johnson are the only men ever to have been timed (with a legal wind) under 19.60 seconds.

Fastest man in the nfl ever?

The "fastest man ever" title belongs to running back Bo Jackson, who ran a 4.12 second (hand timed) 40.

The fastest bird on earth?

The peregrine falcon, which has been timed in a "stoop" (dive) at nearly 187 mph.

Is usain bolt the fastest human who ever lived?

UB is the fastest person ever timed for a 100m or 200m track race. is he the fastest human ever alive? We will never know.

Fastest premier league goal?

Ledley King's goal against Bradford City for Tottenham Hotspur was timed at 10 seconds and is the fastest ever Premier League goal

What does the cheetah and the sailfish has both in common?

The cheetah is the fastest land animal. The sailfish is the fastest fish. However, both of them are beaten by the fastest air animal, the perigrine falcon. The perigrine has been timed at over 200 miles per hour during a dive!

What is the fastest tank today?

The official international speed record for the World's Fastest Tank has recently been set by a CVR(T) Scorpion Tank upgraded to the latest S 2000 Peacekeeper standard by Repaircraft. Timed by the British police and MMST and witnessed by the Guiness Book of Records, a standard production S 2000 raced its way into the record books at an average speed of 82.23 kph. (51 mph) held since 2002 the fastest treaded vehicle is the Ripsaw @ over 60mph

Who was the first person to break the 10 second barrier in 100 meter sprint?

That was Jim Hines of the United States at the U.S. National Championships in June, 1968 with a hand timed 9.9. He then became the first to run an electronically timed 100m under ten seconds at the 1968 Summer Olympics with a 9.95.