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Rudy Fernandez

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Q: Who holds the record for most three pointers made in a rookie season?
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Who holds the NBA record for three pointers made in a season?

Ray elm

Who holds the record for most touchdowns scored in their rookie season?

Jerry Rice

Who holds the cardinals season record for most strike out for a rookie pitcher?

Bob gibson

Who holds the NFL record for most interceptions thrown in a season by a rookie?

Peyton Manning

Which rookie quarterback holds the record for most touchdowns in one season?

dan marrino

What former phillie holds the marlins record for saves as a rookie?

I couldn't find a rookie Marlins that played for the Phillies that has the record for most saves as a rookie. However, Dontrelle Willis in his rookie season had 14 wins, a Marlins team record for a rookie. He is currently on the Phillies.

What major league baseball player has the most RBI in their rookie season?

Ted Williams, with 145 RBIs in his rookie year, holds the record.

Which pitcher holds the Angels rookie record with 180 strike outs in a season?

Frank Tanana in 1974.

Which former Chicago bears running back holds the record for most touchdowns in a rookie season?

Gale Sayers

What NHL goalie had the most shutouts as a rookie?

Tony Esposito, who holds the modern era record for most shutouts in a season (15), achieved his shutout record as a rookie. Though he had played 13 games the season previous, he was still considered a rookie and won the Calder Trophy, the NHL's rookie of the year award.

Who holds the San Diego Chargers record for most receptions as a rookie?

WR Keenan Allen has set the Chargers rookie record for most receptions in a season. Thru week 14 of the 2013 NFL season he has made 61 receptions. The previous record holder was WR John Jefferson who caught 56 passes in his rookie season in 1978.

Who holds the nfl rookie rushing record for yards in a season?

Eric Dickerson of the 1983 Los Angeles Rams with 1808.

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