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2 ft high

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Q: Who holds the highest kick on record in football?
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How holds the highest kick on record?

No one really records kick height.

Who holds the record for the longest goal kick in American football?

Tom Dempsey, Jason Elam, and Sabastian Janikowski all with 63 yards

Who holds the record for the longest kick in Soccer?


Which team holds the record longest free kick?


Which person has the highest kick in football?

Answer : Goalkeeper

Who holds the career NFL record for most kickoff returns for a touchdown?

Joshua Cribbs (WR, Cleveland Browns) holds the career NFL record for most kick returns for a touchdown with 8. Cribbs has recorded 283 kick returns for 7,426 kick return yards, averaging 26.2 yards per kick return. His longest kick return was for an incredible 103 yards.

Who holds the university of Miami record for longest kick return?

Devon Hester

Who holds the NCAA record for most kick returns for a touchdown in a season?

Oh simpson

Who holds the record of most kick and punt returns?

Devin Hester - Chicago Bears

What was the longest kick in football history?

The longest kick in history is 63 yards whose record is shared between Jason Elam and Tony Dorsett.

What is the fastest kick of a soccer ball?

Khodadod Kia holds the record, with a free kick against Naval that has been measured to be moving at close to 132 mph.

How do you kick a football?

Click on the 'How to Kick a Football' link on this page to learn how to punt and kick field goals.

Who holds the nfl record for most 100 yard kick returns in one game?

Ted Ginn,Miami Dolphins,November 1st 2009

What is a goal in rugby?

A Try is the highest scoring point maker available with 5 points then it is a penalty kick with 3 then a conversion kick which you take after a try. So a try is the equivalent of a goal in football

What is the fastest a human has kicked a football in mph?

Sporting Lisbon's Brazilian left-back Ronny "Homem-Bomba" (human bomb) Heberson holds the record, with a free kick against Naval that has been measured to be moving at close to 132 mph. Watch it at:

How fast does a football kick go?

It depends on the person who kicked the footballs ability, age, and sex. The fastest on record is 129 km a hour.

What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

How high is the highest soccer drop kick?

I am pretty sure it is over 100FT, if. I am not mistaking---My cousin can kick it about 70FT high. And it is intense how high professionals kick it. I would say the world record is like 110-120FT high maybe. I will get back to te question.

What is flag kick in football?

A corner kick.

Which England football team play silly football?

man utd play silly football they don`t know how to kick a football or take a free kick

Can you get me some cheats for football academy ds?

there is one which is kick the football as you kick it click the r button

How do you kick a football far?

Kick really hard...

Who is the best free kick taker?

That would be Gary Anderson. Not only was he a prolific kicker for the Steelers, but he still holds the record for points scored in the NFL by a single player with 2,434 points. No active player is even close to this phenomenal record.

Why do they call it football when you do not kick?

The ball is kicked in American football: at kick off, during fieldgoal attempts, and when punted.

How is a kick for a field goal in football measured?

The distance is measured from the endline to the placeholder (the player who stands ands holds the ball for the kicker), and can be accurately estimated using the yardlines and hashmarks on the field.