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Undertaker is 20 and 0 at wrestle mania as of werstlemania 28

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Q: Who holds the WrestleMania which is in WWE record?
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What is stone colds win loss record in the WWE?

His Wrestlemania record is 5-2

What is the undertakers record in the WWE?

He currently has an 18-0 streak on WrestleMania.

What is john cena's record in the WWE?

at wrestlemania 25 he lifted over 730lbs

Was there a wrestlemania game?

Yes, there are multiple; Legends of Wrestlemania, WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game, Road to Wrestlemania, Road to Wrestlemania X8, Super WrestleMania, WWF WrestleMania 2000, WWE WrestleMania X8, WWE Wrestlemania XIX, WWF WrestleMania, and WWE WrestleMania 21.

When did WWE WrestleMania XIX happen?

WWE WrestleMania XIX happened in 2003.

When did WWE Legends of WrestleMania happen?

WWE Legends of WrestleMania happened in 2009.

When was WWE WrestleMania XIX created?

WWE WrestleMania XIX was created on 2003-09-08.

When was WWE Legends of WrestleMania created?

WWE Legends of WrestleMania was created on 2009-03-19.

Is it go be a WWE 14?

Yes, there will be a WWE WrestleMania 2014. WrestleMania will be live on April 6, 2014. WrestleMania 2014 will be in New Orleans, Louisiana. This will be the 30th WrestleMania.

Is WrestleMania on TV?

No, Wrestlemania is on the WWE Network for $9.99 a month.

Who will win WWE WrestleMania 27 WWE championship match?

maybe johncena will become the wwe champion for the 10th time at wrestlemania 27.

What is Batista's record in WrestleMania?

his record in wrestlemania is 6-9