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Patrick Willis

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โˆ™ 2008-01-04 19:50:34
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Q: Who holds the NFL single season tackle record for rookies?
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Does Steve towle own the NFL single season tackle record?

yes, in 1976 with 217 tackles with the Dolphins.

Who holds the NFL single season tackle record?

Since tackles are not an official stat, the coaches review all the film (numerous times no doubt) and decide how many tackles (solo/assist) each player had. According to this method, Patrick Willis does hold the unofficial record for tackles in a single season with 226 accredited. At 6'1", nearly 250lbs and running a 4.4s 40, it doesn't seem far fetched :)

What is the single season broken tackle record in NCAA Football?

This record was broken for Division III by Kyle McGivney from Luther College(IA) on Nov. 6th, 2010 with a total of 183 tackles with one game left on Saturday Nov. 13th.

What is the single game tackle record for NFL football?

I'll throw out an early leader...Dan Morgan had 25 tackles in SB 38.

Who wears 76 for the Indianapolis Colts?

In the 2008 season, that is tackle Daniel Federkeil.

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George Perry

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Who holds the team record for the Chicago Bears for consecutive games played?

As of the 2008 season, that would be defensive tackle Steve McMichael with 191 consecutive games played. Steve McMichael - 191 games (1981-1993)

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Single layer printed tackle twill is used mostly on Premier NFL jerseys, and is a type of embroidery stitching stronger than screen printed designs and weaker than multi-layered tackle twill. It resists most impacts well, and is a good value for a budgeted buyer.

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Defensive Tackle Kenny Lopez

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Layout tackle of a defensive player after an interception

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