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Q: Who holds the NFL record for most interceptions thrown in a season by a rookie?
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Who has the most interceptions thrown by a Pittsburgh Steeler?

Career interceptions thrown, is Terry Bradshaw with 210. The single season Steelers record is Jim Finks in 1955 with 26 interceptions thrown.

Most interceptions thrown in one season by Peyton Manning?

he threw 28 interceptions as a rookie with 26 touchdowns

Which charger has the thrown the most interceptions in one season?

Through the 2008 season, that is John Hadl who threw 32 interceptions in the 1968 season.

How many interceptions has Tom Brady thrown in the 2007 season?

He threw 8 in the regular season.

Which quarterback has thrown the most interceptions in Soldier Field?

Not since Larry Rakestraw threw five interceptions against Detroit on Sept. 22, 1968, had a Bears quarterback neared the franchise record of seven, set by Zeke Bratkowski, the last rookie quarterback to start for the Bears.

How many interceptions has troy aikman thrown in one game?

The most interceptions Troy Aikman has thrown in one game is 5 vs New York Giants in the 2000 season.

What NFL quarterback has thrown the most interceptions returned for touchdowns in one season?

Brett farve for a fact has thrown the most touchdowns. But I'm not sure if he threw the most interceptions as well

Who holds the record for the most career interceptions thrown in playoff games?

Bret favre

Who has thrown the most interceptions returned for a touchdown lifetime?

Brett FarveFavre retired following the 2010 season. Going into the 2012 season, Peyton Manning is the active leader for most interceptions thrown, with 198.

What is the most interceptions that Ben Roethlisberger has thrown in a season?

Dick "Night Train" Lane holds the NFL single season interception record with 14 in 1952, a record made even more impressive by the fact that they only played 12-game seasons back then. Also, Lane was a rookie that year.

Which former San Diego Charger has thrown the most interceptions in one season?

john hadl

Vhsl record for interceptions by a single player?

Paul Krause is the all-time leader in interceptions with 81, Emlen Tunnell is second with 79. In terms of throwing, Brett Favre has the most interceptions thrown.